Essential Jesus – Be challenged and be changed!

Essential Jesus Bible Reading Challenge
What is it?
The Essential Jesus Challenge is a devotional Bible Reading Plan published by Scripture Union that covers the storyline of Jesus. A bible reading challenge – 100 essential readings about Jesus -  25 from the Old Testament, 75 from the New Testament, was our focus  at our Thursday Bible Group, in our Preaching on Sunday and at the  Fun Clubs.

The Thursday Bible Group (10:30am in the church hall)  enjoyed having the  opportunity to discuss what we were reading in the previous week of the Essential Jesus Challenge.

Jesus once asked those who were with him, ‘Who do you say that I am?’  This is one of the most fundamental questions that we each have to face. Through undertaking the Essential Jesus Challenge we were able to  take a really good look at the historical person of Jesus, why He is so important in history and more importantly why He is so important in transforming lives everywhere. Through Essential Jesus we went on a journey from the OT looking at some of those early prophecies about a Saviour and about why the world needs one, to looking at the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus and what that means for us today.  We delved deeper into some of the parables and  other teaching and especially those hard sayings of Jesus and found out what they really mean for us.



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