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Vision Statement – New Church Building
Our vision is to provide a welcoming, accessible building – to be a church in the community, a place where there is space for worship, recreation, opportunities for refreshment of body and spirit and a central focus of Island life.

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 New Church Focus Group
The New Church Focus Group is made up of 7 members each with specific responsibilities, and we meet monthly as a minimum. We were formed in May 2011.

John Orr – Finance -  Business Plan
Eleanor Browne – Spiritual – OCD Liaison
Margaret Johnston – Finance – Business Plan
John McCubbin – Finance – Fundraising
Christine Hamilton – Church of Scotland, Presbytery
Ian McGill – Church of Scotland, Presbytery, North Ayrshire Council
Bob Morris (Project Leader)- Facilities

We are also supported by additional people – a Fundraising Team which includes Margaret Meechan,  Betty Ross, Alice Fisher, Mary Orr and Margaret Johnston.

Once we are in a position to decide on the detailed specification, materials and equipment, Christine Hamilton, Robert Wilson and Bob Morris will carry out this function.

Bob Morris
NCFG – Project Leader

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November 2017 Statement to Congregation

“At the October New Church Focus Group meeting, we reviewed the tender prices again and it was agreed to appoint Linea Construction Ltd – Ayr as the contractor. Letters of acceptance have been sent and the date of possession has been confirmed as the 20th November 2017, date of completion 27th July 2018.  A pre-start meeting has been arranged for Wednesday 8th November and by year end we aim to have completed the land scrape and archaeological survey.
We will provide further details at the worship service on Sunday 19th November.
All the above was agreed by the Kirk Session and Board meeting on Thursday 2nd November.
As we move into this exciting stage of the new build project, your continued support and prayers are most welcome.”

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May 2017
Since the last Beacon update progress has been made towards the construction phase. Resume of what’s been happening so far this year:

Detailed planning permission – This was applied for on 23rd November 16 to North Ayrshire Council, and approved on 13th January 17, with 6 conditions which are not    onerous.
Building warrant stage 1 – An application was made on 23rd February 17 to  North  Ayrshire Council and approved on 8th March 17. Only standard conditions apply.
Building warrant stage 2 -  An application was made on 10th March 17 to North Ayrshire Council; we await approval.
Competitive tendering – We have identified 4 construction companies. The bill of quantities has been formulated and the tendering process will happen towards the end of April 17. In May 17 we will receive the tendering report, which will enable us to appoint a construction contractor, subject to the price being inline with our budget.
Purchase of land – This is being dealt with by the Church of Scotland Law Department and should be concluded within the next few weeks. A fence and a sign have now been erected in the field.
Land Dedication Service - On Sunday 30th April 2017, a service took place conducted by the Reverend Marjory Mackay. Bible readings were made by Nicky Smith and Margaret Meechan.  The cutting of the first sod was carried out by Bob Morris. Over 50 members of the congregation attended this landmark occasion.

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Newsletter December 2016

New Church Build Update
As another calendar year end is approaching, this is the ideal time to thank you for supporting the new build project. Since the last Beacon update in July, we are making progress towards the start of the building works. The New Church Focus Group has been strengthened with Eleanor Browne and John Orr joining and bringing new expertise and experience. Further discussions have been taken place with the land owners on the purchase of the site. The Legal Dept. at the Church of Scotland has been instructed to acquire the land on our behalf. Ian McGill and John Orr have been overseeing this process and we await the conclusion. Once acquired we will hold a dedication service on the site, after a Sunday morning worship. For those eagled eyed, you would have noticed that 3 excavations have taken place recently in the field:  Archaeological survey in September. Very little was found but we invited the Primary School to meet the archaeologists, look at the finds and trenches.
Site survey in September. This looks at the soil structure for construction of the building.
Infiltration test in November. This determines what happens to any surface water and this is a requirement for Scottish Water. With the archaeological survey now completed we can apply for detailed planning approval and this was done in November and we should get approval sometime in January. In the next few months we will be applying for a building warrant and then contact construction companies for a build price. Nicky Smith has done an excellent job for us in submitting numerous grant applications which has resulted so far in securing pledges and cheques totalling £89,500 from 11 organisations.  The local fundraising has surpassed our expectations and currently stands at over £214,000, a fantastic achievement and demonstrates our commitment as a congregation and island community to have a parish church. 2017 will be the year “Making it Happen” will becomes a reality so your continued support and prayers are vital.

Thank you for your support and commitment on this project throughout 2016, and have a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Bob Morris

New Church Focus Group.


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McLean Architects
McLean Architects  McLean Architects are a progressive Glasgow based architectural practice working throughout the United Kingdom on a variety of projects.   We provide a full range of architectural services from inception to completion, including feasibility and master planning. We also have wealth of specialist in house expertise including interior design, space planning, sustainability, expert witness and project management.

The practice from its earliest days has fulfilled what has always been regarded as the Architect’s principal role – to lead the Design Team in all respects and to ensure that a project is handed back to the Client successfully completed, on time and within budget.

McLean Architects work across a range of client sectors including Ecclesiastical, Education, Healthcare, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Urban regeneration, Special needs housing and Community / Leisure.

McLean Architects are delighted to be involved in several ecclesiastical projects which nowadays are specifically designed to integrate with the local community and to be seen as an inviting and welcoming multi-purpose venue for a range of activities.  We have recently completed a new build community church in Westhill, Aberdeen and currently are working on a large new build church in Dumfries.

McLean Architects have gained an understanding of the practical needs of a modern worshipping church in the 21st Century and particularly the emphasis on designing for flexibility to ensure the church can reach out to the community, not just on a Sunday, but 7 days a week by the range of activities it can offer.

Details of all our projects can be viewed on our website at

Lady and 2 men sitting at table
Kirsty Wilson (Architect), Bob Morris (Focus Group Leader) and Craig Govan

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There are various ways to donate. Check out our fundraising page to see how.

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