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  • Message from Nicky Smith (August 2014)Lady holding flowers and gift bag
    To all members of the Congregation of Cumbrae Parish Church & the wider Island Community:Thank you all for making my last Sunday as Locum so special – the number attending was overwhelming, as was your most generous gift. Thank you also for all the cards and encouraging words I have  received, the thoughtful personal gifts, the kind words posted on the Church Facebook page, and the wonderful support over the many years I’ve been a part of Cumbrae Parish Church – as a Sunday School Leader, Organist, Reader and finally Locum. It has been my great privilege to serve God in this place and I look forward to discovering what plans he has for me in the future!As of August 28th 2014, my contract with the Church if Scotland officially ends. In the past 6+ years that I have been Locum in Millport, we have shared many special moments. There have been many good times and also times of sharing sorrow, with hospital and nursing home visits, illness, personal & family crises, and funerals of loved ones.  As of 29th August,  all those pastoral responsibilities will become the responsibility of our new minister.Until we sell our house and are able to begin the next chapter for the Smith family, hopefully in Dumfries & Galloway, I’ll still see you at the shops, the library, out walking, eating carrot cake in the Midge, on the ferry, at worship on a Sunday, and in other places too – I may no longer be the Locum but I am most definitely still your friend.We should view the past six years of vacancy as a kind of a bridge from what has been in the life of our church, to what our ministry in the future will be, as the church moves towards the next phase of ministry. Please support our church by cherishing what is past, while working for today and tomorrow.  Roles are changing, Reverend Sandy McCallum who has helped us to ensure that the business of the church – worship, spiritual & temporal – has continued successfully through the vacancy, will be relinquishing his role as Interim Moderator on 29th August, when the Reverend Markus Thane will take over the pastoral roles and duties on being inducted as our new minister. August 29th also marks the date when we will become officially linked with St.John’s, Largs.I hope you will help make this transition a positive experience by supporting Markus our new minister, John McCubbin (Session Clerk), the Kirk Session & Congregational Board during this important time.

Every story has an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning.

With much love, Nicky


Seaside Fun Day: Group of adults and children wearing yellow t-shirts, playing on beachAs part of the Church’s outreach, we raised funds to provide a day out at the seaside for children and parents who would not otherwise be able to come to    Millport.



Moderator of General Assembly visits Millport, April 2013

Towards the end of his year of office, The Right Reverend Albert O. Bogle visited various churches in the Presbytery of Ardrossan. Among these he came to Cumbrae , accompanied by his wife, Martha, and Rev. Sandy McCallum, Interim Moderator of Cumbrae Parish Church. The party visited Cumbrae Primary School and the Cathedral of the Isles before arriving at the Parish Church. Here he was welcomed by the Kirk Session, The Board of Management, and representatives of all sections of the community. Following a buffet lunch, he addressed the gathering, by now augmented by a large number of the congregation.

In a wide ranging talk he spoke, frequently with humour but always to the point, of the duties and responsibilities that face those who care about others. He made special reference to the project to build a new church on Cumbrae; he expressed his strong support for the enterprise and said that to have “vision” was necessary, but more important is to work for the “cause”. He suggested that in our regular giving for the new church we should each work out what we think we can afford – and then give a little more.

The visit closed with the exchange of mementoes, and our visitors were taken to the ferry with a call on the way to view the memorial erected by the Millport Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland, to all those who served and died but have no known grave.

Please click on gallery below, to see some photos of the visit.

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